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Dedicated Vehicle Car Drink - Cup Holder Base Tablet Mount for iPad AIR 2 (sku 31771)

SKU: 31771

Dedicated tablet mount / holder for the Apple iPad AIR 2 only
Mount base fits snuggly into a convenient drink / cup holder within your vehicle.
Ideal for larger vehicles, camper vans, transit vans, people carriers, truck cabs, pick-ups etc...

Mount consists of:
Cup holder base - suitable for almost all drinks holders, the unique twist & grip action fits recesses from 65mm-105mm.
By rotating the top of the base the three expanding fins push out and grip the sides of the cup holder giving a firm base.
BuyBits robust suction base attaches to the base with trusted lever release vacuum hold.
BuyBits composite arm measures 3 inch (7.5cm) between centres and ensures you can acheive an optimum viewing position.
Dedicated tablet cradle - designed to hold the Apple iPad AIR 2 only (bespoke - not suitable for use with a case)
Charger & camera access.
Cradle has swivel & tilt adjustment.
Additional mounting option - the suction base supplied can be used directly on the window / windsheild.

Adjustable Cup Holder Mount - YouTube

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What do I get?
1 x drink holder base, 1 x composite arm 1 x dedicated holder for Apple iPad AIR 2 only