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Deluxe 12" Flexible Music - Mic Stand Tablet Mount for the Tesco Hudl2 Hudl 2 (sku 20593)

SKU: 20593

Strong, secure 12" flexible music or microphone stand mount for the Tesco Hudl 2.

Suitable for use with most styles of protective cases.
Tablet cradle holds on three sides.
Retaining side lips.
Adjustable fit - ideal if you have more than one tablet.
Cushioned back & side supports.
Ratchet adjustment mechanism.
Release button.
Cable access.
Fits Tablet PC devices: Width from 140mm to 240mm (5.51" - 9.44") approx / Maximum Depth 17mm (0.67") approx.

The 12" flexible neck and C-Clamp base fits flat & round music / mic stands, bars, rails and posts. The clamp is adjustable to fit on wide or narrow surfaces.

A strong, removable, portable mounting option.

(Although we cannot state that your case will fit we have tried this tablet cradle with many styles and make of case with success.)