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Easy Fit Air Vent Mount for the TomTom XL LIVE (sku 13983)

SKU: 13983

Air Vent Mount for the TomTom XL Live IQ Routes (sku 13983)

SKU: 13983

The Easy Fit 2 vent mount with easyport circular clip on holder for the TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes.
Suitable for both Assist & Traffic / Regional & Europe versions.

This mount straightforward and uncomplicated to use.
Whether you are a vent mount convert or just looking for an alternative to the suction cup windscreen arm, this simple mounting option could be just what you need.

The style of the Easy Fit mount has been refined and is now even easier to attach to & remove from your air vent slats.
The Easy Fit 2 still uses a single spring mechanism rather than the traditional plastic crocodile clips which be awkward to use and hard to remove.

Fits most vehicle air vent slats.
Suitable for both horizontal and vertical vent slats, simply rotate the spring action arm to suit your vent slats.
Support legs reduce vibration.
The metal spring action gripper holds the mount securely against the vent.

Requires a gap of 6mm (1/4") between slats. Maximum depth 30mm.
Tightening ring holds desired position.
Ideal for multi vehicle drivers

The easyport style holder is held on a ball joint which allows the screen to be tilted to avoid screen glare and provide the perfect viewing angle for you. Ideal for tall & shorter drivers.

View the video example below

Ultimate Addons Easy Fit Vent Mount 2 Ball Adapter - YouTube

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This easyport mount is suitable for the following TomTom GPS SatNav units:

TomTom ONE V4 / ONE Classic / 30 Series (Assist & Traffic / Regional & Europe)
TomTom ONE IQ Routes / V5 (Regional & Europe)
TomTOm XL Classic / 22 Series (Assist & Traffic / Regional & Europe)
TomTom XL Live IQ Routes (Regional & Europe)
TomTom XL IQ Routes (Regional & Europe)
TomTom XXL IQ Routes 5" screen (Regional & Europe)

Note:Not suitable for the TomTom START which uses a different style easyport or older TomTom ONE units which use a slide on, U-shaped holder.