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Easy Fit Car Air Vent Table Holder Mount for Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 7inch (sku 20656)

SKU: 20656

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Easy fit vehicle air vent mount with secure tablet holder for the Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 7inch

The 'Easy Fit' vent mount has done away with the traditional plastic clips which could on occasion be hard to use and replaced them with a single metal 'spring action' mechanism which can be worked with just a finger.

Suitable for both horizontal and vertical vents and even some curved or circular
slats. The vent clip post can be rotated through360 degrees to suit your needs.

Requires a gap of 6mm (1/4") between vent slats.
Louvre maximum depth 30mm
Cushioned support feet protect the console / dash area and reduce vibration.
360º swivel & tilt - view in portrait or landscape mode & avoid glare.
Tightening ring secures position.

Supplied with an adjustable tablet cradle which supports on three sides ensuring your tablet remains stable within the holder.
Padded back
Push button release
Will accommodate most protective cases.

What's included?
1x easy fit vent mount
1x quick release tablet cradle

Ultimate Addons Easy Fit Vent Mount 2 Clip End - YouTube

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