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EXTRA LONG 3m iPad MINI Car Vehicle Charger (sku 16293)

SKU: 16293

LONG 3m iPad Mini Car Vehicle Charger (sku 16293 )

SKU: 16293

Extra LONG 3m car charger with the LIGHTENING style connector for the Apple iPad Mini Tablet PC

The cable supplied with your iPad Mini often found to be too short for many users needs.
The extra length of the 3m lead allows you to drape the cable around dashboards or consoles and makes hard to reach sockets accessible.

The 3m sync / data cable plugs into the USB lighter adaptor to charge your iPad Mini while on the road.

The sync / data cable can be used alone at home or in the office to download and share files.

Lightening connector for the Apple iPad Mini Tablet.
Type: USB 2.0
Length: 3.0m (approx)
CE and RoHS compliant

What's included?
1 x 3m data cable
1 x cigarette lighter socket power plug