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Galaxy Note 19mm Central Fork Stem Yoke Sports Motorcycle Mount (sku 14437)

SKU: 14437

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Galaxy Note 19mm Central Fork Stem Yoke Sports Motorcycle Mount (sku 14433)

SKU: 14437

Central Fork Stem Yoke Motorcycle Mount & dedicated holder for the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone.
Quick and easy to fit, completely removable.
The central fork stem yoke mount has been developed for use on motorcycles where a handlebar mounting option is not possible.
Designed to fit sports, superbike, endurance and touring motorbikes using the cylindrical bore wall (steering head tube) of the fork stems.

Fits Fork Stems17.5mm - 20.5mm / 0.68" - 0.81"

Includes a specially designed dedicated clip in cradle which only fits the Samsung Galaxy Note.
Due to the bespoke nature of this holder it is not suitable for use with a case or skin.
360º adjustment, view horizontally or vertically. Ideal for GPS, SatNav or map applications.

1" Ball fixing to connect mount to case.
Light weight - made from Aluminium.
Attaches easily to the steering head tube of fork stems.
First check that the stem cover can be removed leaving a central hole for the mount to fix in.
Simply drop the Fork Stem Motorcycle attachment into the hole of the stem and tighten. The split shaft will expand to fit the inside wall of the fork stem Use an Allen Key to tighten to create a tight fit.
IMPORTANT - Measure your hole: This option is designed to fit stems that measure from 17.5mm - 20.5mm / 0.68" - 0.81"

Motorcycle Fork Stem Mount Video

What's Included?
1 x 19mm yoke mount
1 x Galaxy Note cradle