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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8inch Quick Release Car Headrest Tablet Mount (sku 17773)

SKU: 17773

Tablet Quick Release Car Headrest Tablet Mount for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 / 8 & 7 inch

SKU: 17707

Tried & tested quick release car headrest vehicle mount with adjustable holder suitable for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 inch tablet series.
One of favorite car mounts, combines an adjustable cradle with a secure vehicle headrest mount.

360º swivel & tilt. Adjusts easily for smaller or taller passengers. Locking ring holds position.

Button release ratchet jaw accommodates your tablet device and allows room so you can keep it in a protective case if you wish.
Slide along support feet keep ports free.

Simply insert your tablet and secure by pushing the support arms together.
Foam padding supports the device.

Secure quick release clips are suitable for almost any headrest posts. Very easy to fit & remove.

Suitable for the Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 series - 7", 8" & 10"

Video example of the headrest mount

Headrest Mount with 360 Degree Screen Rotation for Tablets - YouTube

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