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GPS SatNav Cradle for Ultimate Addons Car Mounts (sku 11513)

SKU: 11513

Car SatNav Cradle (SKU 11513)

SKU: 11513

Car SatNav Holding Cradle for use with the Ultimate Addons range of vehicle suction cup arms and vent mounts

This Ultimate Addons Universal PU Holder / Stand is slim line holder which when attached to an Addons mount will keep your SatNav easily accessible within your car.

This holder can be attached either the rigid, flex or multi-surface suction arms or to our easy fit or swivel vent attachments via the Ultimate Addons 3-prong system.

This cradle uses THREE PU coated strips which keep the SatNav securely attached to the mount even on the bumpiest of journeys and won't leave any unsightly marks on your device.
This PU technology is sticky enough to bond with your SatNav but remains completely removable and re-usable.
Support feet have vibration dampening pads to support & protect.

You can remove and re-attach as many times as you like.

Suitable for almost any GPS SatNav device.
Also suitable for mp3 playersor mobile / smart phones.

This cradle has a removable built in stand which is useful if your using it with a phone or other mobile device at home or in the office.

NB: Although your vehicle / home is most likely spotless, dust and dirt may build up on the PU coating. If the PU coating becomes less effective simply rinse the cradle under the tap and leave to air dry to reactivate it (remember to remove your electronic device first)

The SatNav shown in these photographs is for illustration purposes only and may not match your device

What do I get? 1 x Ultimate Addons PU GPS/Phone cradlefor use with an existing Addons car mount or to be added to an Addons car mount from a separate listing.