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H.U.G XL Music - Microphone Stand Tablet Holder for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1" Screen (sku 20843)

SKU: 20843

Strong, secure music stand mount for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1" screen tablet .
Heavy duty design, hard wearing ideal for daily use - Super strength gooseneck arm holds position and ensures flexibility.
This mount consists heavy duty adjustable C-clamp mount base which fits most microphone and music stands.
12" flexible neck ensures minimum shake on stage.
Hand tighten - no tools needed to apply.
Quick & easy to set up or remove.
Includes the NEW Buybits H.U.G XL Tablet Cradle that promises to hold your tablet as close as you do.

Its two rubber tipped adgustable arms allow it to snugly hold your tablet in both landscape and portrait positions, using its feet at the base to prevent your tablet from falling out the bottom of the cradle. The soft faux leather back gives both a safe and secure back to the cradle and also a sleek look to the cradle.

The H.U.G XL Cradle comes with two sets of interchangable arms allowing it to fit varying sizes of tablets in both positions. Both arms specifically designed to wrap round your tablet hugging it into the back of the cradle, ensuring its kept secure the entire time.

What's included?
1 x Heavy duty clamp base
1 x H.U.G tablet cradle
1 x H.U.G Help sheet