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Heavy Duty C-Clamp Cross Trainer Treadmill Gym Tablet Holder for iPad AIR (sku 34278)

SKU: 34278

Unique spring loaded cradle supports your Apple iPad AIR / AIR 2for both horizontal & vertical viewing.
Composit cradle includes set of four insert posts to allow you to use with smaller tablets from 7.9" up to 12.9"
Suitable for use with some silicon skins or light-weight cases only

Robust flexible 12 inch arm - holds angle once positioned - minimal vibration. Heavy duty design, hard wearing ideal for daily use.

Adjustable C-clamp mount base fits most round, square or oval frams / bar / rails or use flat surfacves - shelves, worktops, counter tops & desks.
Hand tighten - no tools needed to apply. Twin screw adjustment for wide surfaces up tp 2.5 inches.
Quick & easy to set up or remove.

What's included?
1 x Heavy duty clamp base with 12 inch goosemenk arm
1 x BuyBits composit tablet cradle