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Hella - DIN Powered iPhone 5S Locking Strap Tough Case Motorcycle Mount (sku 17570)

SKU: 17570

Hella DIN plug powered bike mount for the Apple iPhone 5S.
Protect your Apple iPhone 5S and keep it charged throughout your ride by powering direct from your the Hella / DIN power socket on your motorcycle.

Fits both the Apple iPhone 5 & 5S (not suitable for the iPhone 5C)

This mount bundle includes:
1 x locking strap handlebar mount.
1 x iPhone 5 / 5S tough case.
1 x Hella / DIN / BMW style plug charging cable.

Weather resistant to IPX4 standard - for general use, protects the phone from water splashes / light rain showers and damp weather.

The Locking Strap is the most universal mounting option the Ultimate Addons range offers. So versatile, ideal for awkward & irregular sized handlebars.

Very easy to fit - no tools required.
Suitable for square, oval & round handlebars, frames, poles or bars.
Fits minimum diameter of 21mm & maximum diameter 40mm.

This video shows the way the mount fits and will not show actual motorcycles or the tough case.


The iPhone 5 / 5S Tough Case
New book-style design.
Robust & strong.
IPX4 protects from light rain showers & damp weather
Make & receive calls.
Hinged hard outer case.
Dedicated smooth anti-shock rubber liner.
2 closure clamps clip reassuringly into place.
Clear sensitive touch lens.
On / Off, volume and camera all remain accessible.
Headphone socket has a removable weather cap.
Power access with weather cap.
Detachable soft web lanyard with safety clasp.
Screen protector

Ultimate Addons Din Motorcycle Charger.
FUSED & WATERPROOF - designed for motorcycles.
Incorporates an on/off power switch on the voltage regulator.
Unlike many cables which drain your battery's power while your bike is stored, our cable allows you to switch the current off when you want.
Supplied with the iPhone 5S lightning connector to charge directly.
2amp replaceable blade fuse.
Input Voltage: DC 12-24v
Maximum Charging Current: 1A
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Short Circuit / Overload / Reverse Voltage Protection
LED indicators.
Weather cap.
Voltage Regulator to Battery Connectors (end to end) 1.50m approx.

What's included?
1 x Tough Case with bespoke silicon liner for the Apple iPhone 5/5S
1 x Locking Strap Mount
1 x Hella / Din motorbike cable