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Hella DIN Powered TiGRA BikeCONSOLE LITE Motorcycle Bike Mount for iPhone 5S (sku 19158)

SKU: 19158

IPH-3055 - TiGRA BikeCONSOLe LITE Bike Mount for iPhone 5 / 5S smartphone with a Hella / DIN (BMW style) charging lead.

Custom designed for the Apple iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S mobile phone.
(not suitable for the 5C)
Super lightweight.
Dedicated clip in phone shell.
Pocket friendly design.
Case attaches directly onto your bike handlebar mount (with other mounting options following shortly).
The case has an integrated mounting mechanism built into the back of the case.

Slide your phone into the MountCase and with a simple 'twist & lock' action the case is securely located onto the mount.
Multi positional - locking locator allows case to be positioned vertically or horizontally.
To remove squeeze the buttons on the mounting strap, rotate and take off. For extra security there is a sliding lock that prevents the buttons from being squeezed

Simple, secure, convenient.
Please note that this mounting option is for fair weather riding only.

INCLUDES a Hella / DIN Motorcycle Charging Cable for iPhone 5S / 5 and fits TiGRA BikeCONSOLE LITE Motorcycle Mount.

High quality charging cable with a specially designed lightning connector style power plug which fits directly into the iPhone 5 phone charging port.

Use on motorcycles which already have a Hella / DIN / BMW style power socket (female) in place.

The Hella cable plugs directly in to the socket on your bike and allows you to power directly.
Supplied with the molded power connector for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S smartphone.

Waterproof - designed for motorcycles.
Includes the iPhone 5/5S power connector.
Hella / DIN / BMW Style plug
On/Off switch
Fused (2 amp)
Weather capped connector
Input Voltage: DC 12-24V / Maximum: 16A
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Reverse Voltage Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
Overload Protection
Overall length approx 0.9m
Connector to Switch Box = approx 0.35 metres
Switch Box to Battery Connectors = approx 0.45 metres
Optional Connector cables (not included) are 0.5 metre long

What do I get?
1 x DIN motorcycle charger
1 x TiGRA BikeCONSOLE LITE mount for iPhone 5/5S
iPhone NOT included