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High Power Hardwire Easy Fit Waterproof Motorcycle Bike Mount for Apple iPhone 6 (sku 30008)

SKU: 30008

IPX4 standard waterproof protective case with an 'Easy Fit' motorcycle handlebar mount suitable for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7" screen) with the BuyBits High Power direct to battery Hardwire cable with the new shorter iPhone 6 connector (7"/18cm).
IPX4 offers protection from dirt, dust, damp weather & water splashes / light rain showers.

Mount fits handlebars 21mm - 30mm.
No tools required to fit.
Hinged mount with simple screw fitting.
Quick & easy to attach & remove.
360º swivel.
Two part liner protect and reduce vibration.
Case has a touch through lens allows access to your phone while in the case.
Zip access.
Padded interior
Case uses the Ultimate Addons 3 prong attachment system.
Includes the NEW BuyBits high powered hardwire charger with a shorter power adapter.
Designed for motorcycles - Fused & waterproof.
Small discrete on/off power switch.
Supplied with the shorter 7" (18cm) iPhone 6 series power connector
High quality flexible cable.
Cable length with device adapter approx 2.7m
Cable length without device connector approx 2.5m
Fused - 2amp
Weather cap
Input Voltage: DC 12-24V / Maximum : 16A.
Output Voltage: DC 5V / 2.1A.
Reverse Voltage, Short-Circuit & Overload protection
Built in Surge Protector

1 x easy fit bike mount
1 x Light Weight case size 4
1 x BuyBits High power Hardwire cable with short iPhone 6 connector
Do not submerged case underwater.
Fitting - View our video for fitting tips. Ensure case is attached correctly to the mount.
Line the lugs up and push together - some force will be required. An audible CLICK will be heard when the case is properly fitted.