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High Power Hardwire Waterproof 12mm Hexagon Hole Honda Blackbrird - Kawasaki Mount for Apple iPhone 12 (sku 55361)

SKU: 55361

Alternative mounting with 12mm Hexagon Hole fitting for Honda Blackbird and many Kawasaki Motorcycles. Including the BuyBits High power direct to battery Hardwire cable with the new shorter iPhone connector (7"/20cm).

Includes a waterproof phone case with 2-prong attachment adapter.
Protects from light rain showers / damp weather.

Mount offers a unique central yoke nut fitting for sports bikes - British engineered - made from Anodised Aluminium. Simple allen key fitting.

Mount base gives you a 1" (25mm) ball fitting which is also compatible with RAM motorcycle mounts, Ultimate Addons & SW-Motech solutions.

Note - not compatible with steering dampening systems.

IPX4 weather resistant protective case has a touch through screen and charging cable access.

Includes the NEW BuyBits high powered hardwire charger with a shorter power adapter.
Designed for motorcycles - Fused & waterproof.
Small discrete on/off power switch.
Supplied with the shorter 7" (20cm) iPhone power connector
High quality flexible cable.
Cable length with device adapter approx 2.7m
Cable length without device connector approx 2.5m
Fused - 2amp
Weather cap
Input Voltage: DC 12-24V / Maximum : 16A.
Output Voltage: DC 5V / 2.1A.
Reverse Voltage, Short-Circuit & Overload protection
Built in Surge Protector

What's included?
1 x 12mm hexagon bike base
1 x 2 Prong Adapter
1 x Waterproof Case
1 x High power Hardwire and short iPhone connector