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High Power Hella - DIN Waterproof Motorcycle M8 Handlebar Tough Case Mount for iPhone 5 (sku 21580)

SKU: 21580

This waterproof motorcycle mount bundle includes the M8 handlebar top clamp mount, the IPX4 Tough Case for the Apple iPhone 5 smartphone & the new high power Hella / DIN plug charger with new shorter (7"/18cm) power connecter.

This popular alternative motorbike mount is supplied with the 3 of the most popular M8 bolts and is suitable for any Japanese or European motorcycle model that uses metric bolts.
This mounting system replaces one of the m8 bolts on your handlebar top clamp bracket to give you a 1" ball fixture which the Ultimate Addons Tough Case attaches to.M8 bolts are supplied: 1 x 55mm M8 screw bolt, 1 x 60mm M8 screw bolt &
1 x 65mm M8 screw bolt.
Of interest:Although we supply three sizes of M8 bolts in this kit you may find the lengths are not suitable for your needs. On this rare occasion you can purchase longer bolts from a reputable merchant. This is also the case if you wish to use this mount but require UNF.

The Tough Case is a robust Polycarbonate hard shell case with a dedicated anti-shock silicon liner.
Made to IPX4 standard so offers protection from water splashes, light rain showers and damp weather while riding.

Book style design.
Bespoke silicon liner contours the phone perfectly, cushioning it against knocks or bumps and reducing shock if dropped.
Sensitive front lens ensures your phone can be accessed easily.
Make & receive calls
Use camera / video
Headphone socket with weather cap
Power access with weather cap

Hell / DIN charger - Only high quality flexible cable used.
Waterproof - designed for motorcycles.
Hella / DIN / BMW Style plug.
Fused (2 amp).
Weather cap on power cable.
Input Voltage: DC 12-24V / Maximum : 16A.
Output Voltage: DC 5V / 2.1A.
Reverse Voltage / Short-Circuit Protection / Overload Protection.
Overall length (with adapter) approx 53cm.

This DIN plug power cable has been specially designed with a detachable waterproof power connector allowing charging plugs for alternative devices to be attached & powered.
What's included?
1 x Ultimate Addons iPhone 5 Tough Case
1 x Ultimate Addons M8 Mount
1 x BuyBits High power motorcycle Hella / Din plug charger with NEW shorter power adapter for the iPhone 5 series.

Please note that the video is an example of the style / fit and may not show your vehicle or device model