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Honda VTR1000F Firestorm all years Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Motorcycle Mount 19mm (sku 14017)

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19mmYoke Fork Stem Motorcycle Mount & Waterproof Tough Case suitable for the Honda VTR1000F Firestorm all years.

IPX4 standard waterproof, all weather motorcycle fork stem mount for the Samsung Galaxy SII / 2 / i9100 European version.
Suitable for general riding conditions offering protection from damp weather, rain showers, dust & dirt.
Motorcycle Fork Stem Yoke Mount Fits Stems:17.5mm - 20.5mm / 0.68" - 0.81".
This central fork stem yoke mount has been developed for use on motorcycles where a handlebar mounting option is not possible or desirable.
Designed to fit sports, super bike, endurance and touring motorbikes using the cylindrical bore wall (steering head tube) of the fork stems.

Tough Case Features:
Make and receive calls.
Dedicated smooth rubber liner caresses your smartphone investment and absorbs day to day shocks and bumps.
Tough hard outer case is hinged making inserting & removing your Galaxy S2 easy.
Twin side clamps clip reassuringly into place.
Clear sensitive touch lens allows access to your phone while in the case.
On/Off, volume and camera all remain accessible.
Headphone socket has a removable weather cap.
Charging cable access - for our new Ultimate Addons Samsung Galaxy S2 charging cable. Available as direct to battery & Hella/DIN.
Included is a detachable soft web lanyard with safety clasp.

Waterproof IPX4 Tested - suitable for general use in most weather conditions.
The Tough Case performed well in wet weather conditions providing reliable protection against rain, snow & damp air.

Note: Do not submerge case, run under a tap or use underwater.
Important:If you are using this case with an Ultimate Addons Bike Mount always
ensure the case is clicked firmly in place before inserting your phone. An audible CLICK can be heard when correctly secured.
You may need some force initially to achieve this.

Photos shown are for demonstration only and won't show your motorcycle model