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Impact PRO Anti-Shock Motorcycle Bike Mount for the Samsung Galaxy S2 - S II Phone (sku 11150)

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Ultimate Addons Professional Motorcycle handlebar mount & dedicated protective holder for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II with FREE Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II

Now you can have a protective case which attaches directly to the bike mount.

This complete mount consists of the Impact Holder and a PRO bike handlebar mount.

The IMPACT Duo Anti-Shock HOLDERis a TWO piece case which consists of a dedicated silicon liner and an anti shock impact cradle.
First the liner - Bespoke for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II mobile smart phone only.
Smooth high quality silicon case which can be used alone for light-weight protection in your pocket or bag.
All main function areas of the phone remain accessible.
Access to head-phone socket, hands-free, power, charging/sync port, volume & hand strap.
Protective covers to both the headphone & charging/sync ports for when not in use keep out dust & fluff.
Now add the dedicated Polycarbonate Cradle. This holder has been designed to work with the silicon liner to offer an anti-shock holder which will protect from daily bumps and jolts.
This Polycarbonate Cradle again leave access to all the function areas of the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II clear and ready for use.
Note: This holder is to be used with the liner in place.

Includes The Professional Handlebar Mount:
The PRO professional handlebar mount is suitable for handlebars bars with a diameter between 19mm - 35mm.
You will require a minimum clear space of 42mm on your handlebars for fitting.
Twin screws tighten and secure the mount provides a strong secure fixture for the Impact Case.
Supplied with two liners to cushion against vibration and protect your handlebars.

Fully adjustable - The IMPACT Duo CASE is held on a ball & socket adjuster which provides 360 degree adjustment for the perfect viewing position.
Your phone can be viewed horizontally or vertically, ideal for satnav & map applications and your chosen position is held in place with the easy to use tightening ring.

At the end of your journey just remove the Impact Holder from the mount and pop it in your pocket knowing your Galaxy S2 / S II will remain protected from knocks & scratches.

What do I get?
1 x PRO Handlebar Mount
1 x Impact Duo Anti Shock Protective Phone Holder with Silicon Case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II
1 x FREE Screen Protector

Tip:To attach the Impact Holder to the standard bike mount correctly just line up the three prongs and push together until you hear a hearty CLICK.
Note: These two moulded pieces are designed to be a snug fit.
If you don't hear a CLICK your not pushing hard enough and it's NOT correctly attached.

Important:The Impact case will NOT protect from wet weather.
We stock a variety of waterproof cases for this phone, please check our Samsung Galaxy S II Section

Pro Mount Video Example