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iPad MINI Extending Telescopic Car Window Arm Mount (sku 16490)

SKU: 16490

SKU: 16490 -ARKON [TAB-CM117] - 14.5" - 18.5" Rigid Extension Windshield Arm with the BuyBits dedicated iPad mini cradle.

Use on glass - for windows, windsheilds, windscreens.

Perfect for motorhomes, camper vans, truck / lorries cabs, people carriers, mini buses, vans etc.....

The extending neck allows easy mounting and positioning in your vehicle for use with satnav, maps, hands-free voice control or other useful apps.

Telescopic extension - deep dash areas are no longer a problem, this arm gives extended reach from 14.5" (36.8cm) to 18.5" (47cm).

Arm locks in place at desired length.

Brings the tablet to a convenient viewing position.

360º rotation - positioning in portrait or landscape mode.

Supplied with the BuyBits dedicated iPad mini cradle.

Secure clip in style.

Cradle has soft touch lining.

Designed to contour the iPad mini perfectly with cable & camera access.

Please note that due to the bespoke nature of this cradle you will have to remove any protective case or skin before inserting.

What's included?

1 x Arkon TAB-CM117 includes mount & cradle