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IPX4 Waterproof Cycle Bike Handlebar Tough Case Locking Strap Mount for iPhone 5 (sku 16224-2)

SKU: 16224-2

Ultimate Addons Locking Strap Bike Handlebar Tough Case Mount
Dedicated holder for the Apple iPhone 5 only (sku 16224)

SKU: 16224

Locking strap cycle mount with a dedicated waterproof tough case for the iPhone 5 smartphone.
Weather resistant to IPX4 standard.
For general use, protects from water splashes / light rain showers and damp weather.

The Locking Strap is the most universal mounting option the Ultimate Addons range offers.
So versatile, ideal for awkward & irregular sized handlebars.

Suitable for square, oval & round handlebars, frames, poles or bar.
Fits minimum diameter of 21mm & maximum diameter 40mm.

This video shows the way the mount fits and will not show actual cycles or the tough case.

The Ultimate Addons iPhone 5 Tough Case
New book style design
Robust & strong
IPX4 protects from light rain showers & damp weather
Make & receive calls.
Hinged hard outer case.
Dedicated smooth anti-shock rubber liner.
2 closure clamps clip reassuringly into place.
Clear sensitive touch lens.
On / Off, volume and camera all remain accessible.
Headphone socket has a removable weather cap.
Power access with weather cap.
Detachable soft web lanyard with safety clasp.
Screen protector

What's included?
1 x Ultimate Addons Tough Case with bespoke silicon liner for the Apple iPhone 5
1 x Ultimate Addons Locking Strap Mount