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Ktech Off Set Suction Cup Window Mount for TomTom XL Classic - 22 series Regional & Europe (SKU 6632)

SKU: 6632

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Fully Adjustable Lever Release Suction Cup Window Mount with Ring Style EasyPort fitting for the TomTom XL, TomTom LIVE IQ Routes, TomTom XL 22 series / classic, TomTom XL IQ Routes & XXL IQ Routes. Suitable for both Regional & Europe versions.
Also fits TomTom ONE IQ Routes, the TomTom ONE v4 also known as the Classic, Assist & Traffic, Regional & Europe. This Lever-Release arm that gives reliable, dependable suction to glass, friction / beanbag mounts and dash / console discs.
The mount has been designed with the Easy-Port holder that simply clips on the back of your TomTom in the same was as the original fold out arm. The lever, when pushed down expels the air and creates a vacuum that holds the arm securely until you want to remove it.
The EasyPort holder is held on a ball enabling the easy-port ring to be positioned in a variety of angles making it very versatile.