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Ktech TomTom GO 930 930t Traffic - IQ Routes Bicycle Mount (SKU 7186)

SKU: 7186

View your TomTom GPS SatNav from your bicycle handlebars.
Simple lightweight design is
suitable for handlebars with minimum diameter 0.9" (22mm) to a maximum diameter of 1" (25mm).
Includes slide on square holder which fits the TomTom GO 530, 730 & 930 and the TomTom GO 520, 720, 920 Traffic, IQ Routes & Assist. Suitable for both Regional & Europe software versions.

The holder slides into the grooves on the back of your TomTom unit in the same way as the suction cup mount supplied with the unit.

Note: As with ALL bicycle mounts we ask you to consider the type of terrain you ride on and if a more substantial mounting option is required consider our SKU code 6250.

NOT suitable for Motorcycles.