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Large Waterproof All Weather Case with Lanyard 127mm x 68mm x 20mm (sku 10068)

SKU: 10068

This slim weather resistant case will protect your device from wet & damp conditions and is compatible with the Ultimate Addons range of mounts and arms for motorcycles, bikes and cycles
A light-weight protective zip case suitable for portable tech like mobile phones.

Size large: Suitable for mobiles / smartphones & devices no larger than
125mm x 65mm x 20mm. approx

The case has a clear touch sensitive lens which allows access while the device remains within the case.
Soft lining protects from knocks & scratches.
Includes a detachable neck lanyard.
Incorporates the Addons 3 lug mounting system.

Use alone or with an existing Ultimate Addons Mount.

All the Addons cases, cradles, holders & mounts are available individually or as bespoke packages for chosen devices.

This case is available in 3 sizes.

Note: To maintain the water resistant properties of this case there's no cable entrance.
We have tested this case's performance in extreme weather conditions and have found it provided reliable protection against rain, snow & damp air although please note that this case should not be submerge underwater.