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Light-Weight Flexible Music - Mic Stand Holder for iPad AIR 2 (sku 20806)

SKU: 20806

Flexible fit iPad Air 2 holder will accommodate a variety of cases and skins.
Adjustable 15cm gooseneck arm allows you to bend to suit but is rigid enough to hold your desired position.
Universal G-Clamp mount fixture is suitable for any round, oval or square stand, strut, rail or bar.
Attaches to your music & microphone stands in seconds.
Quick to remove
Perfect for accessing music or song lists.
The iPad Holder:
Fits the Apple iPad2 - Adjustable holder will accommodate a variety of cases & skins.
Feet pull out to neatly fit around the tablet.
Lipped design for added security.
Ratchet spine has a locking tab to hold securely.
Cradle held on a ball joint for 360º tilt & swivel.
The Mount:
Universal G- clamp mount suitable for most music or microphone stands.
Fits round, square & oval bar, stems, poles & frames:
Round - maximum diameter 35mm (1.38 inches);
Oval - maximum - 55mm (2.17 inches);
Square across flats - 25mm (1inch) -
(all measurements approx.)
15cm (5.9 inches) flexible arm.Light-weight, quick to set up and easy to remove - NO TOOLS required.