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Low-Profile Car Windscreen Suction Tablet Mount (sku 36330)

SKU: 36330

BuyBits Adjustable Car Windscreen Suction Tablet Mount - fits 7"-8" tablet ./ phablet devices

The 80mm suction cup base creates a firm hold on the windscreen and the lever allows for easy attachment and release. The base connects to the cradle via a ball and socket joint which allows the cradle to spin and pivot a full 360 degrees, while being able to be angled at 45 degrees, which means the tablet can be used horizontally or vertically.

The cradle splits in the middle where it can adjusted by sliding one half along and locking it in place with a lever. The feet of the cradle can also be adjusted meaning that a wide range of cases can be used in conjunction with the cradle.

Will accommodate many styles of case

The whole mount is made of plastic, which makes it very light weight, but it doesn't loose any structrual integrity.

This compact mount would be perfect for van or lorry drivers who spend prelonged peroids of time on the road or people who use their tablets as GPS devices.

Suitable for most windscreen depths & angle.