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M8 - M10 Hole Motorcycle Bike Mount for 4 Prong Cases (sku 20562)

SKU: 20562

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M8 / M10 hole mount base with 4 Prong Adaptor adapter.
Provides an alternative mounting option for waterproof cases / holders using this 4 prong attachment system.
Allows you to attach your waterproof case or dedicated cradle when the standard handlebar mounts is not possible or desirable.

Utilise a convenient M8 or M10 fixing on your bike.

Designed to fit between mirror stem and handlebar, an attachment for fairing struts or to any workable M8 / M10 bolt.
4 Prong case attachment base
Supplied with both M8 & M10 hole attachment.
3" arm with 1" ball
1" ball compatible with RAM motorcycle mounts, SW-Motech and Ultimate Addons mounting solutions.
Arm held on ratcheted adjuster offering 180º swivel.