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Micro Windscreen Suction Mount GARMIN NUVI series - use with existing cradle (SKU 7360)

SKU: 7360

Now there's a Garmin Nuvi version of our ever popular Micro Arm.
Ideal for smaller car's windshields, the micro mount is only a couple of inches tall.

It has reliable lever release that expells the air from the 70mm clear suction cup making it hold firm to the window or to dashboard mounting options such as dash discs and friction or beanbag mounts
The Garmin Micro Mount has the basic 17mm Garmin ball and fits any of the Nuvi or Streetpilot cradles.

To fit your device all you have to do is just swap your existing Nuvi or StreetPilot cradle with it's 17mm ball recess onto the 17mm ball fitting of this replacemant arm and your SatNav is ready for the road again.

The 17mm ball fitting of this arm is compatible with the cradles of the Garmin Nuvi 200 series, Nuvi 300 series, Nuvi 5000 series, Nuvi 600 series, Nuvi 700 series, Nuvi 800 series, Nuvi 1200, 1210, 1240, 1250, 1260t, Nuvi 1300, 1310, 1350, 1350t, 1370t, 1390t, Nuvi 1490, 1490t, Nuvi 1690 and Streetpilot series