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Motorcycle M8 - M10 Mirror Mount & Quick Grip XL Holder for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (sku 55918)

SKU: 55918

Motorcycle M8 / M10 Mirror Mount & Quick Grip Holder for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Cradle Clamping Dimensions:
Height Range: 5.75 inch - 8.25 inch (approx 14cm - 20.9cm)
Width Range: 2.625 inch - 3.625 inch (approx 6.6cm - 9.2cm)
Max Depth: 0.72 inch (approx 1.8cm)

Designed to fit between mirror stem and handlebar, an attachment for fairing struts or to any workable M8 / M10 bolt.
Useful for some motorcycles where traditional mounting options are not an option.
Supplied with both M8 & M10 hole attachment.
3" arm extention
Arm held on ratcheted adjuster offering 180 degree swivel.