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Motorcycle Mount Kit for TomTom Urban Rider (sku 12314)

SKU: 12314

Motorcycle Mount Kit for TomTom Urban Rider (sku 12314)

SKU: 12314

Complete motorcycle mount kit for the TomTom Urban Rider.
Our highly acclaimed PRO handlebar mount for bars with a diameters 19mm-35mm.
The Ultimate Addons dedicated holder which fits the TomTom Rider 2, Urban Rider & Rider Pro motorcycle GPS SatNav systems.
And to Power we have included the Addons fused direct to battery charging cable.

This kit offers a complete alternative mounting solution to hold and charge your TomTom while on the road.

The PRO Mount:
High quality Professional Style bike handlebar mount developed for larger bars or those with a more oval contour. Fits 19-35mm.
Includes 2 x protective reducer inserts.
Swivel & tilted adjustment to give you a better viewing angle.

The Rider Cradle:
Dedicated Rider holding cradle who's design is based on the TomTom Rider Car Cradle.
Access to the base of the cradle so the mini USB direct to battery (Hard-Wire) charging cable supplied is inserted.

The Direct to Battery / Hard-Wire Charger:
High quality motorcycle charging cable.
On / Off switch
LED indicator
Input Voltage: DC 6-24V
Maximum Charging Current: 1A
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Reverse Voltage Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
Overload Protection
Built in Surge Protector
Total Cable length - Approx 3 metres
Device plug to Connector = approx 50cm
Connector to Switch box = approx 1m
Switch box to Battery Connectors = approx 1.5m
On/Off Switch Box size - 6cm x 2.4cm x 3.9cm
CE Approved
12 Month Warranty

IMPORTANT: Please note that with the cable flap left open water may enter your device.