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MountCase Bike Kit for U-TAG Universal Adaptor

SKU: TE0395

You love your old phone or phone case and don't want to change. But still you want to enjoy the freedom and convenience of the Fitclic mounting system. Stick a U-TAG! It is the ultimate Fitclic MountCase substitute for any phones or cases. Simply stick it on the back of your phone or case and you are ready to go. The included Fitclic Bike Strap Mount is the lightest, strongest, and most secure bike mount system for smartphones.

- Compatible with all Fitclic mounts
- 3M VHB self adhesive backing
- Designed for flat, non-porous surfaces made of the following material: o Aluminum o Steel o Glass o Porcelain/ceramic o Nylon o PU o ABS o PC o PVC o Acrylic
- Mounting bracket with Dual Lock fits handlebar/stem of Ø20-45mm
- Dimensions : 39 x 39 x 6.5mm (U-TAG)
- Weight : 6g (U-TAG); 36g (bracket)
- Package includes U-TAG (2 pcs) and alcohol cleaning pad (2 pcs), Bike Strap Mount and Allen Key