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Multi Surface Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 Car Mount (sku 14589)

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ZS multisurface base with adjustable phone cradle suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S3 / GT-i9300 / SIII.
The unique design combination gives you a multi-positional holder which will hold your phone securely so it can be applied directly to the dashboard or used on the windscreen.
The phone cradle has enough clearance to allow the use of most slim silicon or rubber skins.

Cradle has spring loaded jaws and back support.
Fits mobile phones with a maximum width of up to 70.7mm & maximum depth of 18mm. Will accommodate most protective skins.
Tilt & swivel - cradle is positioned on a ball & socket joint which allows your phone to be held in landscape or portrait view.
ZS multi-surface mount is a 65mm PU coated lever release suction cup arm that gives reliable vacuum hold to just about any surface within your car.
The sucker requires a minimum flat area of just 70mm diameter for a good grip.
Use on both smooth & textured dashboards / console areas.

To Use:
Select your chosen position, ensure it is clean, dust free.
Remove the protective film from the sucker.
Position the ZS arm pull down the lever to expel the air and create the vacuum.
Give it a wiggle to ensure it's holding firm then insert your phone onto the universal holder.
To remove; Just lift the lever and pull on the release tab to break the vacuum. The ZS mount can now be removed

NOTE: Please do not just pull the mount off the surface, you WILL damage it.

Washable; Although your car is probably spotless, dust, fluff & grease can build up on the suction cup causing the suction to fail. If this happens simply rinse the sucker under a running tap & leave to air dry.

Not suitable for oiled areas, loose covered dashboards or areas cleaned with wax or grease treatments.