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Multisurface Dashboard - Desk Mount for Apple iPhone 7 Plus (sku 36217)

SKU: 36217

Adjustable cradle - fits both the iPhone 7 & 7 plus.
Will accommodate most protective cases.
Sticky suction base provides a maximum surface bond on smooth or textured surfaces
Suction mount arm adjusts vertically and provides 360 degree rotation

In your vehicle - apply this mount directly to your dashboard or console area or use on the glass of your windscreen.
At home / office - apply directly to a flat surface. Works on most desks, tables and kitchen worktop
The low profile multi-surface mount features a larger than average 80mm suction cup base which uses a PU coating designed to hold to most flat surfaces.
Requires a flat area with a minimum diameter of 85mm to hold.
Suitable for most flat, non-porous surfaces.
Best suited to smooth or lightly textured man-made surfaces.
The arm is removable and reusable without leaving any residue behind.

Includes an adjustable cradle which has been choose to accommodated the smartphone.
Substantial sized cradle offers secure support. Push button release arms.
Retaining lip prevents phone from slipping forward. Light-weight yet strong.
Cushioned arms & back support pads.

Whats Included?:
1 x Multisurface Dash Mount
1 x HR Phone Cradle