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Permanent Car Van Truck Dashboard - Console Fleet Mount & Quick Grip Holder for iPhone 12 Mini (sku 55836)

SKU: 55836

Permanent Car Van Truck Dashboard / Console Mount & Quick Grip Holder iPhone 12 Mini

Cradle Clamping Dimensions:
Height Range: 4.75 inch - 5.75 inch (approx 12cm - 14.6cm)
Width Range: 2.19 inch - 3.25 inch (approx 5.5cm - 8.2cm)
Max Depth: 0.72 inch (approx 1.8cm)

Permanent secure screw down mount base for dashboards / consoles. Perfect for couriers & delivery driver using map applications / satnav.
Use on flat surfaces - used by couriers / van drivers, in truck cabs & minibuses, motorhomes & larger vehicles.
4 x screw down base (screws not included) Mount can be positioned either horozontally or vertically.
Tilt & swivel rotation.
Base measures 5.5cm x 4.5 with standard AMPS layout screw holes.
The AMPS pattern consists of four holes located in a rectangular pattern spaced at 30.17mm x 38.05mm (measured as the centre-to-centre distance between holes).
All measurements are approx.