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Power Connector for iPhone X fits Motorcycle Battery Cable (sku 37936)

SKU: 37936

Power connector for the Apple iPhone X - Designed to fit the Ultimate Addons motorcycle charging cable.
Use this connector with the Ultimate Addons direct to battery or Hella / DIN battery cables - both available in kits and sold separately.

If you already have one of the Ultimate Addons or BuyBits bike charger cable you'll know just how versatile it is. Unique design incorporates a waterproof interchangeable plug which allows alternative power cables to be connected so you can power other devices you might own. No need to replace the whole cable once wired to the bike, simply unconnect the charging end and replace it with the one you need. Range sold separately.

Length approx 0.5m. Includes weather cap.

Supplied - 1 x Connector for the iPhone X - Made for the Ultimate Addons & BuyBits motorcycle charging cables.