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Pro Motorcycle - Bike Mount with Holder for TomTom Urban Rider Motorbike GPS SatNav (sku 9434)

SKU: 9434

We are pleased to now offer you an alternative to the Passive TomTom Urban Rider motorcycle handlebar mount at a fraction of the price.

This high quality dedicated holding cradle uses the same design as the TomTom Rider Car Cradle. Your Rider slots into position holding it securely to the mount.
There is access to the base of the cradle where you can insert a charging cable.

This holder incorporated the Ultimate Addons patented 3 Prong attachment system making it compatible with all the Ultimate Addons range of mounting options.

The substantial PRO Bike Handlebar attachment is strong and well designed.
It's suitable for handlebars with a diameter of between 19mm - 35mm.
Attachment is quick and simple, just two screws tighten and secure with seconds.
The rail mount includes a removable insert to cushion and protect the bars.

Unlike many handlebar mounts on the market the PRO design is fully adjustable, allowing you to position your Rider with ease.
A simple but effective ball & socket joint allows swivel & tilt with a tightening ring to hold the position in place.

IMPORTANT: Please note that with the cable flap left open water may enter your device.