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PRO Motorcycle Bike Mount with Weatherproof Case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 - S II Smart Phone (sku 10984)

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Professional motorcycle handlebar mount and Weatherproof Case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S IImobile smart phone.

This is a high quality handlebar mount offering a Weatherproof Case along with our PRO professional motorcycle fixing.
Strong yet light-weight and suitable for handlebars bars with a diameter between
19mm - 35mm.
To fit you will require a minimum clear space of 42mm on your handlebars.
Twin anodized screws fix the mount to your handlebars, providing a secure, stable base for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II Weatherproof Case.
Includes two liners to cushion against vibration and protect your handlebars.

360 degree adjustment- The Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II holder is held on a ball & socket adjuster with an easy to use tightening ring that locks your chosen position in place.
The Pro mount has the Addons three prong attachment system so the holder can be unclipped & removed easily for security or why not add an alternative cradle or case from the Ultimate Addons range - All sold separately.

Weatherproof Case includes a soft webbed non-chaffing lanyard with safety break.

Note: To maintain the water resistant properties of this case there's no cable entrance.
We have tested this case's performance in extreme weather conditions and have found it provided reliable protection against rain, snow & damp air although please note that this case should not be submerge underwater.

Touch sensitive front lens allows your Galaxy S2 / S II screen to be accessed while still in the case.
Internal dimensions of case: 127mm x 68mm approx
Double ended zip access.

The Weatherproof Case provided is universal, so it's compatible with many other devices other than the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II, so measure your other devices to check whether they also fit using the dimensions given above.