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RAM Chrome Handlebar - Rail Mount with Diamond Mounting Base (SKU 7161)

SKU: 7161

Ram part no: RAM-B-149CHu.
Chrome finish handle bar or rail mount including the diamond mounting base for use with Ram cradles and holders.
Kit includes: 1 x RAM-B-201CHu Chrome double socket arm for 1' ball . The Chrome Plated Aluminum STANDARD 3' double socket arm has a socket at either end to allow a 1' diameter ball accessories to be connected. Overall Length: 3.6875'. Socket-To-Socket Length: 2.875'.

1 x RAM-231CHu Chrome U Bolt for Handlebars 3/4' to 1' in diameter
1 x RAM-B-238CHu 2 7/16' X 1 5/16' Chrome diamond base.

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'U' in part number indicates the use of a poly-bag