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RAM Mirror-Mate Ball Base for Chrysler, Ford & Toyota (RAP-B-369AU) (sku 55015)

SKU: 55015

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Create an ideal mounting point for lightweight devices in Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota vehicles with this rearview mirror adapter
Included B size 1" RAM® rubber ball allows for connection to any B size RAM® double socket arm; ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability
Made of high-strength composites for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments

The ideal mounting point for light weight electronics has been hiding in plain sight all this time. RAM now offers a mirror adaptor with ball that not only looks amazing, but performs beyond expectation. Simply remove your factory mirror, slide the RAM adaptor over the factory windscreen button, and tighten in place. This great little product replicates the factory button on the cab facing side so you can easily re-attach your factory mirror. The form and function of the RAM mirror adaptor is ideally suited for the mounting of GPS devices, rear view camera displays, radar detectors, cell phones, and so much more. There is no such thing as a mounting problem, only RAM solutions.

Ford, Chrysler and Toyota Vehicles
B Size (1")