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RAM MOTORCYCLE TWIST & TILT MOUNT for the GARMIN NUVI 200 W widescreen series RAM-B-360-GA25U (SKU 4907)

SKU: 4907

RAM Motorcycle Twist and Tilt™ Mount RAM-B-360-GA25.
Suitable for the GARMINnuvi 200W, nuvi 205W, nuvi 250W, nuvi 255W & nuvi 260W
A great new addition to this already extensive product line is the new Twist and Tilt™ base. Made of die cast marine grade aluminium, durability won’t be a concern. The patented rubber ball dampens shock and vibration helping to maintain the performance of the mounted device. Simple to use and install. This great kit comes complete with a short arm and cradle. Designed to be compact and discrete, the Twist and Turn™ won’t take up a lot of space but will provide a world of mounting possibilities.