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RAM MOTORCYCLE WATERPROOF WIDESCREEN medium AQUA BOX - internal size 4inch x 6inch x 1.75inch RAM-HOL-AQ6 (SKU 3554fba)

SKU: 3554fba

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The RAM Mount Medium Wide Screen Aqua Box is designed to hold a large number of medium size devices such as popular GPS devices as well as many other products like sized products. Made from high strength composite, the Aqua Box 6 holder is a medium/wide size waterproof box with a clear Flex-Lens allowing you to press and operate the buttons of your device when secured in the Aqua Box. The box offers the ability to lock the device inside with a small keyed padlock (not included.)
RAM Universal waterproof Aqua Box 6 for Motorcycle GPS devices. Best suited for the RAM-B-202 round base but will fit other RAM mounting fixtures.