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RAM Quick-Grip Large Phone Mount with RAM Twist-Lock Suction Cup (RAM-B-166-PD4) (sku 60023))

SKU: 60023

Spring-loaded holder features adjustable side supports that provide a secure fit for a variety of large phones and other devices; easily insert and remove your phone with one hand.
Kit includes RAM® Quick-Grip™ XL Holder for large phones with a case, B size diamond ball base, medium double socket arm and RAM® Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup base.
RAM® Twist-Lock™ suction cup base is ideal for vehicle windshields and other nonporous surfaces.
Made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminium and high-strength composite for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments.
OVERVIEW  - This suction cup mount for vehicle windshields includes the spring-loaded RAM® Quick-Grip™ XL holder providing a secure fit for a variety of large phones and other devices. The adjustable side keepers ensure that the device stays in place during rough driving and when in landscape mode. Included is a medium length B size socket arm, B size RAM® diamond ball base with 1" diameter ball and included hardware. Make sure to thoroughly clean the surface you will be mounting the suction cup to ensure a secure hold.
HOLDER DIMENSIONS - Height Range: 5.75" - 7.25" / Width Range: 2.625" - 3.625" / Max Depth: .72"
SUCTION SIZE -  3.3" Diameter
WEIGHT CAPACITY - Standard Use: 900g / Heavy-Duty Use: 450g
MATERIAL - Marine-grade aluminium / High strength composite