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RAM Twist and Tilt Mount with Cradle for the TomTom XL IQ Routes - Live - Classic - 22 series RAM-B-181-TO8 (SKU 7201)

SKU: 7201

RAM-B-181-TO8 for TomTom XL IQ Routes / Live / Classic / 22 series.
RAM Twist and Tilt™ mount for motorcycle handlebar or mirror bracket attachment. Simply choose your preferred mounting location and the possibilities become endless. Rubber ball and socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles. The versatile mounting base in this kit pivots up, down, left and right affording you the ultimate in adjustablitly. With a turn of a single comfortable to grasp knob, viewing adjustments can be made and the sleek hourglass shape of the arm assembly compliments the lines of any motorcycle. High quality materials insure your electronic device is safe, secure, and within easy reach. RAM’s patented design also dampens shock and vibration helping to extend the life of your mobile device.

The Twist and Tilt™ Mount includes the following male threaded screws:

M10 x 1.25 x 20mm
M10 x 1.25 x 40mm
M8 x 1.25 x 20mm
M8 x 1.25 x 40mm