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RAM UNIVERSAL CLAMP GOLFER with Diamond Base & Cradle for the Garmin Nuvi 1690 RAP-B-121-238-GA37u (SKU 7269)

SKU: 7269

PART NO: RAP-B-121-138-GA37u

Yoke base with diamond base & holding cradle for the Garmin Nuvi 1690 GPS system.
Both strong and light weight, this new clamping base is perfect for numerous electronic devices.
Supplied with the 1" ball diamond base RAP-B-238 which attaches to the RAM-HOL-GA37u cradle that fits the Nuvi 1690. This RAM cradle has been designed so your Nuvi 1690 power dock can be clipped into the actual cradle allowing a power connection while on the road. Made from high strength composite. Note: The Nuvi 1690 power dock is NOT included.

Simple to use and exceptionally versatile, RAM has created another “must have'' no matter what you fly, drive, or ride. With everything you get in this package, you may even find yourself using your new RAM Mount on a golf cart, work bench, or even exercise equipment. With RAM, there are no limits.
The composite glareshield/yoke mount will fit a rail or edge lip from 5/8" to a maximum of 1 1/4".
To mount the base, simply place the clamp ends around the rail and then screw the large knob at the end of the threaded rod. The hand tightened clamp makes this the perfect mounting system for rental planes, golf buggies or unusual shaped motorbike rails.