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RAM UNIVERSAL COMBINATION RAIL & RESERVOIR MOUNT for the GARMIN NUVI 1200 1210 1240 1250 1260t RAM-B-174-7-GA33U (SKU 5759)

SKU: 5759

Genuine RAM accessories - part No: RAM-B-174-7-GA33.
RAM UNIVERSAL COMBINATION, brake/clutch reservoir and handlebar / rail mount for the GARMIN NUVI 1200 1210 1240 1250 1260t.
RAM Universal Combination, Brake/Clutch Reservoir and Handlebar/Rail Mount for the Garmin nüvi® 1200 1240 1250 1260t . The mount comes with both brake/clutch reservoir and handlebar base components. This allowing for quick attachment to either your handlebar/rail or brake/clutch reservoir
('U' in the part no. reflects the use of a plastic bag)