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RAM Universal X Grip Mobile Phone Holder (RAM HOL-UN7U) with 3inch Suction Cup Mount RAP-SB-224-2U (SKU 10145)

SKU: 10145

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RAM Universal X Grip Mobile Phone Holder with 3" Suction Cup Mount

This stylish universal holder's unique design is perfect for keeping a tight grip on your phone without the need to buy a new holder every time you buy a new phone.

The spring-loaded arms keep your phone firmly in place on the roughest of journeys and allows you full access to the phone's front face and the majority of the edges also.

The kit includes a 3" suction cup mount for attaching the holder to your car's windscreen. The holder and mount combined give a great deal of adjustability allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle for you.

Have a look at the video below to see how this device works.