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RAM X-Grip Holder Short Arm & Glare Shield Clamp Mount RAM-B-177-UN7 for Samsung Galaxy S20 (sku 51737)

SKU: 51737

RAM X-Grip Samsung Galaxy S20 Holder with Short Double Socket Arm and Glare Shield Mount

The X-Grip is a spring loaded holder which allows for a perfect fit to the phone.

Rubber coated tips will hold the device firm and stable.

Constructed from high strength composite and stainless steel.

Locate the Clamp on any clamping surface and secure the thumb screws.

The RAM-B-177-UN7U will attach to flat surfaces with the following dimensions;
Maximum Width x Height: 82.55mm x unlimited (within reason)
Minimum Width x Height: 31.75mm x 101.6mm
Depth: 22mm.

Adjustment points at both ends of the double socket arm.

Mount allows for optimum viewing position.

Made in U.S.A.

RAM -HOL-UN7B / RAM-B-201-A / RAM-B-127B