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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III 'Easy Fit' Vehicle Air Vent Mount (sku 17826)

SKU: 17826

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III Easy Fit Vehicle Air Vent Mount (sku 17826)

SKU: 17826

The Arkon mega grip mobile phone holder offers a secure stable cradle for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III mobile phone.
This universal holder cradles the smartphone offering a secure base.

The adjustable side clamps are cushioned and unlike dedicated cradles this will accommodate a protective case or skin.

All function areas remain accessible.

This BuyBits Hybrid mounting solution includes the best selling Ultimate Addons 'Easy-Fit' air vent mount.

Straightforward and uncomplicated to use.
Suitable for most air vent slats, horizontal & vertical.
The adjustable spring loaded arm rotates to suit your slats.

The 'Easy Fit' vent mount has done away with the traditional plastic clips crocodile style clips and replaced them with a single metal spring which is simple to fit and completely removable.
Cushioned adjustable support feet reduce vibration.
Charging cable access.

Ball joint adjustment allows the cradle to be swiveled so your phone can be viewed in portrait or landscape or tilted to avoid glare.

What will I get?
1 x Arkon Mega Grip universal phone holder
1 x Ultimate Addons easy fit Pro air vent mount

Ultimate Addons Easy Fit Vent Mount 2 Clip End - YouTube

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