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Samsung Galaxy Note Car Air Vent Mount (sku 12006)

SKU: 12006

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Samsung Galaxy Note Car Air Vent Mount.

Ultimate Addons Vehicle Air Vent Mount with Universal Mobile Phone Holder for use with Samsung Galaxy Note.

High quality - great value air vent mounting option.

Spring action design rather than crocodile clip style. Attaches to the vent louvres easily.
Tidy and discreet, simply leave in place on the vent.
Support foot reduces vibration.
Swivel end allows an Ultimate Addons cradle to be positioned vertically or horizontally.

The Universal Phone Holder:

This high quality universal cradle is ideal if you like to keep your phone in a protective protective case, skin or bumper.
Unlike bespoke dedicated cradles the arms of this holder are adjustable to accommodate different makes & styles of case.
Perfect if you upgrade or swap your phone regularly.

The arms on this holder have foam on the inside and plastic ridges on the edges which keeps your phone secure and the foam absorbs shock.
To secure your phone in this holder you simply push the arms together with your phone in between the arms.
This holder has flip-down feet to keep your phone securely in place.

The Universal Mobile Phone Holder slides on to the mount and CLIPS into place offering a safe secure fitting.

The Universal Mobile Phone Holder can be removed from the mount for security.

Fully adjustable - your Samsung Galaxy Note can be tilted to avoid glare and swivelled from horizontal to vertical depending on your preference.

Function areas remain fully accessible, including the micro-usb port, volume buttons and power button.

This universal mobile phone holder fits phones with a minimum height of 65mm and a width of between 40mm - 80mm.
Colour: Cradle white with black.

To install, simply attach the air vent mount to your air vents in your car and then slide the prong on the air vent mount into the slot on the universal mobile phone holder.

Note: This mount has been designed to be used with the Ultimate Addons range of cradles, holders and cases including the waterproof Phone cases.