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Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Swivel Air Vent Tough Case Mount (sku 13979)

SKU: 13979

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Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Swivel Air Vent Tough Case Mount (sku 13979)

SKU: 13979

This case mount offers hard wearing all round protection from wet, damp, dirt & dust. Ideal if you work outside, plumbers, builders or for outside leisure pursuits.

Case attaches directly to the vent mount - no cradle / holder required.
A neat & tidy protective mounting solution.

The Ultimate Addons swivel air vent mount for horizontal vent slats.
Twin metal spring clips attach easily and are completely removable.
Support foot reduces vibration.
Swivel end allows Tough Case to be viewed horizontally or vertically.

Supplied with the Ultimate Addons slim, light-weight waterproof, all weather Tough Case for the Samsung Galaxy SII / 2 / i9100.
Case consists on a durable outer shell with a bespoke rubber liner.
Allows access to all the major function areas of your smartphone.
Make & receive calls
Sensitive touch lens.
Control volume.
Turn on / off
Access headphones (inc: protective weather cap)
Use your camera / video
Shock resistant - Smooth rubber liner protects and cushions.
Secure side clips click reassuringly into place.
Cable access (inc: protective weather cap) for the Ultimate Addons Charging Cable due in 2012.
Free screen protector
Detachable lanyard with safety break.
IPX4 - for general daily use.

What's includes?
Galaxy S2 Tough Case
Screen protector
Swivel air vent mount
This case has the Ultimate Addons 3 prong attachment connector so you can use with the Ultimate Addons range of mounts.

Waterproof IPX4 standard - suitable for general use in most weather conditions.
The Tough Case performed well in wet weather conditions, providing reliable protection against rain showers, snow & damp weather.
NOTE: Do not submerge case, run under a tap or use underwater.