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Scooter - Moped Collar Phone Mount with Adjustable Holder for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (sku 51919)

SKU: 51919

Waterproof Scooter / Moped Collar Phone Mount for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


The holder's spring loaded side arm mechanism provides a strong grip that's easy to use.
Easy to insert or remove the smartphone.
Insert phone in the mount and close the arms to lock in place. Push of the holder's side button releases the phone.
The Mega Grip Holder is universal, making it compatible, can be used with a large protective case or skin.

Collar mount;

Mount base with ball-joint designed for ease of adjusting smartphone's viewing angles
For oversized bars or bars/rails of irregular shape, collar can fit up to 17 cm diameter handlebar
55cm long collar

What do I get? 1 x Collar Mount 1 x adapter 1 x Holder