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Sony Xperia Z1 Air Vent Mount (sku 18592)

SKU: 18592

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Vent Mount suitable for the Sony Xperia Z1

Great value air vent and cradle that'll fit almost any mobile/smart phone.
Spring action design rather than crocodile clip style. Attaches to the vent slats easily.
Tidy and discreet, simply leave in place on the vent and just insert your phone for the journey.
Tilt & swivel adjustment.

Cradle has a PU coated disc which keep the phone securely attached to the mount. .
This PU technology is sticky enough to bond with your phone but remains completely removable and re-usable and won't leave unsightly marks on your phone.

Twin spring release vent clips.
Support feet with vibration dampening pad to support & protect.

You can place your phone on the holder in either portrait or landscape mode and it can be removed and re-attached as many times as you like.

Suitable for almost any mobile / smart phone, MP3 players or SatNav device.
Fits most horizontal air vent slats.

NB: Although your vehicle is most likely spotless, dust and dirt may still build up on the PU coating. If the PU coating becomes less effective simply rinse the cradle under the tap and leave to air dry to reactivate it (remember to remove your phone first).